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Why the Academy Awards Don’t Matter to Fans 

by Ginny July 17, 2017

Even the Academy Awards has a huge problem in their hands, so folks do not care about them , nobody thinks, for the large part, the actors and films get awards according to how they play at a film, now all of us know it is only a glorified popularity contest. Individuals who watch films know what I am referring to, there are a countless variety of events where a fantastic film or operation will not win a award, that will be nice, I am not saying every fantastic film deserves a decoration, however considering the instances in which a poor picture somehow defeats a hugely superior one, folks start not fond of it that the award itself.

Perhaps no one performer borrows the dislike for its Academy Awards over Leonardo Dicaprio, he's starred in a number of the greatest movies made in the previous twenty decades, his function in Gilbert Grape ought to have won him as a child. Finally he'd win an Oscar, but the harm was completed, he must have atleast 4 awards for Best Actor, however he has one which arrived in 2015. It appears criminal he may be treated as that, or even the folks picking could look beyond him a lot of times, due to the treatment, individuals started questioning the ethics of this Academy.

Last year after they could not read the envelope properly, such as seriously, that set these men accountable. Additionally, when people today know which film is most likely going to win, this makes it sort of dull, if we know what is going to occur, what is the point of seeing? We have observed the Academy capture heat for providing the awards to largely white celebrities, and movies that celebrity mostly white individuals, and this claim may be endorsed by numbers, thus there's absolutely not any way that the Academy can conceal anymore. Individuals are realizing that this very clear prejudice, and have chosen not to tune in or take care of the series today.

Even Marlon Brando understood about this before current times, he chased his Oscar for arguable the best movie ever produced, so as to provide a stage to get a problem he cared . In addition, he called outside the racial prejudice at the Academy, also gave Native Americans a voice, that was a really contentious movement on his role, particularly in the eye of white Americans. We can definitely observe that the Academy Awards are a total joke and we ought to quit seeing it, therefore we can stop hearing it. That is obviously only an opinion, however, I am just saying!

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